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Im still reading

This book had had a wild ride and I know it gets more up and down reviews from fans but im still reading. I liked this issue.

Symbiotes! Yep, there were plenty of them. I liked the concept, and the combat was decent, but a chemical bomb? Seems like a stretch. Still, htat aside I was down for some symbiote action and while it didn't serve much purpose (at least not obviously) other than to bring the teams together... it still was some action downtown.

Dr Doom? Why the sudden Doom reference? Dr Doom dropped a chemical symbiote bomb? Its not sitting entirely well but im waiting to see how its handled.

Speaking of the teams. Yes, they were face to face again. There was some fighting, and then when the smoke cleared they worked together and showed that despite political lines they were who they had always been. Heroes. I liked that. Small point, but it was a nice thing to see.

One of my favorite things? The book was told, almost entirely, past tense by Cage to his wife in the middle of the night while they were in bed. You could imagine their hushed tones and the silence all around them as he related (in his own way) the events of the previous day or so. It was complete tranquility versus complete chaos. I liked that contrast.

Art. Yep, the art was better this book for some reason. Leinil is not one of my favorite artists but I enjoyed the art this book.

Wolverine. Wow. Sneaking up on Spiderwoman in the shower. Well, it just goes to show. You can't hide from this man. Ever.

The end? Crazy. Cage says they'd need some backup and suddenly the splash page is covered in heroes. Im guessing Dr Strange is at work here. Thor next to Iron Man? Howard the Duck? Many heroes that wouldn't ever be in the same place? Including all of the Mighty Avengers who were only moments ago getting ready to go off to Latveria? Yeah, it screams illusion. I think it was supposed to.

All in all? Great book! Lots of fun. Keep them coming!


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