mask_of_tengu's New Avengers #36 - The Trust, Pt. 5 review


I wanted to like it more than I did...I was really grooving until the end...ok Cage decides he wants some more firepower to take on some goons...fine...I understand...and don't get me wrong...he came with a lot, but cmon...Howard the fucking gotta be shittin me...I felt so silly sitting here reading this after that...WHY would Cage call him and the Punisher was there too...I just don't see it.

Now the whole Skrull thing I like...I also liked the whole Jessica/Logan shower scene...very well done...the art wasn't even all that bad this overall it was a good issue until the stupid end...hopefully it is just a hologram.


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    Better than the last issue 0

    Well, I practically forced myself to buy this. After the huge disappointment that was New Avengers #35, I had decided not to continue with the series at all. But, I'm a sucker for a symbiote. Luckily, this one was pretty symbiote-packed, which was not handled quite as well as I was hoping it would be. In fact, it still wasn't really a huge plot point in the comic. They could have used any kind of stupid plot twist to make the two teams get together, but they decided to go with some kind of chemi...

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    Im still reading 0

    This book had had a wild ride and I know it gets more up and down reviews from fans but im still reading. I liked this issue.Symbiotes! Yep, there were plenty of them. I liked the concept, and the combat was decent, but a chemical bomb? Seems like a stretch. Still, htat aside I was down for some symbiote action and while it didn't serve much purpose (at least not obviously) other than to bring the teams together... it still was some action downtown. Dr Doom? Why the sudden Doom reference? Dr Doo...

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