ryonslaught's New Avengers #26 - The Ballad of Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff review

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Clint Barton returns


Clint Barton is alive again after HOM he goes to avengers mansion and finds it abandoned and destroyed he reads a new paper about what’s happened and he leaves his bow and arrow and costume in the wreckage and makes his way to Dr. Strange who checks him over and lets him know everything is fine. He decides to keep his return secret from his teammates and search for wanda himself.

In wundagore he finds her after retrieving her purse from a would be thief. He feints and she carries him home there she realizes she has amnesia and the two make love. After this He leaves here there and departs from wundagore.

The Good

Great art, I’m not normally a fan of style but it matched perfectly with the somber dreamlike experience that Clint had with Wanda. It also serves the purpose of setting up Clint’s return to the avengers in the future.

The Bad

The new avengers don’t show up anywhere.

The Ugly

3/5 stars


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