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The Collective: the Conclusion! The Avengers are face to face with a power greater than anything they have ever faced before... on the island of Genosha! Guest Stars galore as the ghosts of the House of M attack!

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Heavy Trash Metal 0

The New Avengers, an enticing new team that brings along the chirpiness of a vibrant Spider-Man, the crankiness of Wolverine, and the brute force of Luke Cage scours the island of dead mutants, also known as Genosha, along with Captain America and the brooding Sentry. Apparently after Magneto had his power completely removed by the Scarlet Witch, he spends his days in a desolated building in downtown Genosha like a drunk 19th century Charles Dickens writing novels of a broken-down city and hope...

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Xorneto....take 3! 0

  Summary Magneto sits along writing his thoughts on paper, not sure if it is a will, a diary, a suicide note……in the middle of things his pen beings to float. Maria hill is monitoring things while she communes with the president he tells her to nuke the place. She says she cant as the avengers arrive. Magneto gets picked up and drawn towards the collective. His costume forms around him and we find out who is in control of the collective Xorn. The Avengers rush to confront him as the dead are ...

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