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Something wicked this way comes


An enormous bolt of energy arrives on earth and destroys a small town. From the wreckage a glowing man rises. Stark and Maria hill have a discussion about the avengers going public and she demands details about the HOM he simply dismisses her. Once their conversation ends she receives the warning in of the energy’s arrival. Shield agents try to approach the glowing naked man but he destroys them, Alpha flight is also destroyed in its wake. The being then turns toward the and Maria has no choice but to contact the Avengers.

The Good!

As always the art is stellar. The issue focused on Maria hill the new head of shield and she gets some great characterization. We also get some healthy tension between herself and Stark for a number of reasons. Maria thinks she’s in charge but people who knew Nick will never accept her. She takes her job very seriously and tries to run shield with iron efficiency but cant quite garner the respect Fury did which makes her even more driven and more isolated. Colors continue to dazzle and compliment the pencils and inks in the issue.

The Bad!

It was just a set up issue really, with all the action being bypassed and only Tony making an appearance. Action junkies will be put off as well as those who couldn’t care less about Maria and just want to see the new avengers in action.

The Ugly!

2.5/5 average read at best


Posted by spankymac314

You do understand that it's important to have set-up issues, right? Setting up stuff isn't bad at all. Otherwise, how does the other stuff that would come after make any sense?

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