g_man's New Avengers #7 - The Nanny Cometh! review

Time To Clean House (or at least the Avengers Mansion)

The New Avengers barely survived their magical battle. It's time to clean up and figure out who the heck is going to be on the team. 

The Good 

There isn't a lot of action in this issue but it's always nice to be able to take a breather and allow the characters to reassess everything. The New Avengers not only have a mansion that needs to be rebuilt, they also have to look at their own team. We've already seen Hawkeye leave the team (since he was also on the regular Avengers team). 
We also find out some little tidbits about Luke Cage's past, see how they could possibly pay for repairs and what Spider-Man thinks about Victoria Hand, Norman's former right hand gal. Of course Luke and Jessica get a nanny (who's identity has already been leaked out). 

The Bad 

I do enjoy these relaxing issues from time to time but some of the dialogue can almost feel too cutesy. I understand and appreciate the closeness and banter they can have with each other, it strengthens the dynamic of the team but I don't think everyone can be a comedian all the time. Also, I felt bad for D-Man. Maybe I'm the only one. 

The Verdict 

There has been some clarification on the team roster. Even though this issue allows everyone to unwind after the last big battle, we do find out little bits of information. The story and characters are moving forward as the stage is being set for the New Avengers next adventure. Bendis shows that this is more than just another Avengers team. These guys feel more like a family. WIth the new members added to the team, I'll be looking forward to what will happen next.
Posted by zmanm407

i felt bad for D-Man as well 
especially when he teared up. 
I think he should take S.G.'s place in the GLA (or whatever they're calling themselves these days)
Posted by Legacy_

I like how Echo showed up for one single panel...how the hell did she get the call for an interview -.- the chick is deaf and we still dont know why she isnt on the team

Posted by Meteorite

Picking this up on Sunday! I'm still not sure whether choosing New Avengers over Avengers was the best move, but it's a decent enough series.

Posted by lostlantern13

Poor D-Man.

Edited by Hamz

This issue had some glaring problems in it that I feel the need to be highlight below.
Luke Cage & Jessica Jones 

  • I'll be blunt, they're both complete and utter morons and I feel that my interest in this book is going to dwindle the longer they both appear in it. Between Luke Cage's self-righteous indignation and attempt to 'stick it to the man' over a paycheck from the government, even though he works for them already by running the Thunderbolt's program. And Jessica Jones' cursing in front of her child twice while arguing with her husband in public and then off-loading the child onto a nanny at the first opportunity. I feel that neither character holds a place in Marvel's universe any longer. Frankly their continued appearances feel contrived if I may say so.
Getting Paid & Sharing Personal Details
  • Steve Rogers is now paying a salary to heroes that have registered their identities & personal details with the government. I find this bloody absurd given that A.) Steve led the anti-registration movement during 'Civil War' and B.) He had the SHRA scrapped as one of the conditions for him accepting his current position. So why on earth is he only agreeing to pay Superheroes that have already shared their details? It feels like Marvel doesn't pay attention to their own universe!
Squirrel Girl 
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. That's all that I can muster. Why on earth bring her into the book when you could of brought interesting characters such as Echo!?
Otherwise it was fairly interesting. Wong's scene at the end about the kitchen made me chuckle. It was good too see Dr. Strange and him commit to the team. 
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

What surprises me is that you would think Steve would pay Spider-man in cash knowing full well he doesn't want to give up his identity. And poor d-man. Whenever I see that dude I feel sad.

Posted by ClawFist

I'm really liking this book myself, we all have our own opinions and I don't know what to say, I'm just feeling this book over the other Avenger titles right now, and this last issue was the best in that family kind of way. G-Man describing their relationship in New Avengers is spot on. Right now my interest in Avenger titles go in order from New Avengers, Avengers Academy, Avengers, and Secret Avengers. I like the fact they got Squirrel Girl as their Nanny, its pretty awesome, we might see this character more often now. The title was just awesome in my opinion, mainly in showing the relationship between all these great characters and with the cast now refining themselves its starting to look like a real Avengers group. I'm liking this take on Avengers a lot

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