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"Rocketed to Earth from the exploding planet Krypton, baby Kal-El was adopted by a kindly couple named Jonathan and Martha Kent. Re-named Clark, he grew to adolescence in Smallville, learning to use wisely the amazing super-powers that would one day make him The World's Greatest Hero! These are the adventures of Superman when he was...Superboy!"

Launched in January of 1980, The New Adventures of Superboy (not to be confused with the companion comic for the UPN series starring first John Haymes Newton, then Gerard Christopher as Superboy/Clark Kent and Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang) brought the Teen of Steel back from the 30th Century, where he was hanging out with the Legion of Super-Heroes and into his own short-lived title. While a revival was going on in the future, the past/present wasn't so kind, as John Byrne's Legends and Man of Steel erased Superboy from the DC Universe continuity. The teen of steel was retconned out of existence as Superman never had a career in Smallville as Superboy before arriving in Metropolis and The Daily Planet. It wasn't until Geoff Johns that the teen of steel returned in the diabolical form of Superboy/man Prime.

This series precedes the head-scratching UPN series The Adventures of Superboy (head-scratching in that the series was developed by the Salkinds; and after it had been firmly established that Superboy no longer existed in the DCU) that ran from 1988 - 1991; and Smallville, currently in its ninth season on the CW.

The New Adventures of Superboy ran for 54 issues from January 1980 to January 1984.

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