Worthwhile New 52 Titles for a comic book newbie?

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Hello citizens of ComicVine! I've never really been into comic books, largely because I was never sure where a good jumping off point would be. However, last year's reboot of the DC universe seems to present a convenient starting point for a newbie. Although I've never really spent much time on this site, I've followed Giant Bomb since near the beginning, so I figured that this would be as good of a place to ask as any: which titles of the New 52 lineup are worth getting invested in? Also, are there any particular older comics I should read first?

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I can't recommend Animal Man and Swamp Thing enough. This week kicked off a great jumping on point.

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Agreed. Swamp Thing and Animal Man have been my top two choices from the new 52 for a while now. Start at the beggining if you can, but jump on anytime and enjoy. I strongly reccomend Batman as well as Scott Snyder is taking the character amazing new places, and your just in time for his Joker (Death of the Family) arc starting in October.

Aquaman is excellent as well, great art great writing, an excellent take on a long ignored hero, I didn't think much of it when i first picked it up, but the drama is real, the characters very likable and lots of gloriously illustrated action!

Wonder Woman is somewhat of an aquired taste so go in with an open mind, but Azzarello's storytelling mixed with some wonderfully surreal art make for a very fresh (and epic) take on the great Amazon.

And for the love of originality in Comic Books, check out I Vampire, ignore the covers, they lie, try the story from the beggining, its amazing writing and horror themed action at its best.

After these reccomendations that I belive anyone could enjoy, the rest of the 52 really breaks down to preference.

If your already a Green Lantern fan then the GL book is a must have with wonderful art, and a gripping storyline.

Action Comics shows us a younger Superman's formative years as he adjusts to his cape and destiny, a little choppy and very confusing unless you've followed Superman for a while, but good nontheless.

I like the Teen Titans and Red Hood books, for their very different takes on the "superhero team" concept, but a lot of people hate the teen age antics of TT and the overly Action Film style of Red Hood. Try first.

Dial H for Hero is very interesting as well, but a little odd, and best to catch right from the beggining.

Hope these reccomendations helped!

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Batwoman. Pick up Batwoman:Elegy and Batwoman: Hydrology first. Also Earth 2, Batman and Wonder Woman are great. And if you are looking for something a little different try Dial H.

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Thanks for the replies! I'll check some of these out!

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Animal and Swamp Thing are 2 of the best titles being put out by anyone right now.

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Batwing has been awesome since issue one as well. And get Justice League Dark from issue 9.

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Worthwhile books that haven't really disappointed me:

  • All-Star Western
  • Earth 2
  • Green Lantern
  • Aquaman
  • Justice League
  • Batman & Robin
  • Red Hood & the Outlaws
  • Nightwing
  • Stormwatch
  • Action Comics
  • Animal Man
  • Swamp Thing
  • Batman
  • Justice League Dark
  • Batwing
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Justice League

Green Lantern Corps.

The Flash

Swamp Thing


Batman: Dark Knight

All-Star Western

Justice League International

Deathstroke (I mainly read this because of Lobo)

That's about the only ones I read...

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Batman and Swamp Thing, some titles like Huntress Powergirl feel totally disconnected from DC

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Animal Man...Just Animal Man.

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I've really enjoyed Batman and Nightwing. I've just gotten into Red Hood and the Outlaws and have been enjoying it too.

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  • Batman
  • Batman and Robin
  • Batgirl
  • Justice League
  • Justice League Dark
  • Demon Knights
  • I, Vampire
  • Wonder Woman

I've also heard that Nightwing and Batwoman are really good, but I haven't gotten around to reading those yet.

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Aquaman, Justice League, Flash are my main DC books.

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