What happened to all of the old heroes?

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I know what happened to Jay, and Alan but, what about those like wildcat, or Dr. Midnite, hourman, or starman? I mean since the relaunch I haven't heard anything about them. So does that mean that they don't exist anymore because it kind of bothers me that character interaction doesn't exist anymore. Also are any of the flashes going to meet Jay? the same question goes for the GLs and Alan or Shiera and Carter. These are interactions that have to happen at some point right?

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We'll see?

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They either don't exist at all or just haven't done anything we know of yet

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They will probably be introduced sometime in the future, but I just hope that the wildcat universe becomes it's own multiverse (like DC and Marvel), and does not interact with the rebooted new 52 multiverse. They are too different to mix.

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Well, since DC hates their own history, superheroes have only been around for 6 years in the DCnU. So, there is no longer any WWII era heroes, no JSA, and no legacy heroes. Those characters may appear in Earth 2, but that book hasn't and probably isn't going to satisfy JSA fans who want their team and characters back.

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I kinda hope they stay in the main DC universe. I don't like what Earth 2 has been doing to the Golden Age characters. From the Earth 2 comics I read and from the panels I have seen on the Internet I am not that big of a fan of what has been going on. The story is interesting I just don't like the designs. They look like totally new characters to me.

I do hope though they do a story arc or something in Flash where Barry meets Jay Garrick for the first time. Kind of how they did back in the Silver Age of comics.

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I like the Earth-2 characters but they do feel like redesigns. Jay Garrick is probably my favorite but I can see why older fans would be pissed he's now a very young man again. Same goes for the rest of the JSA characters reintroduced in it. It's more of an Ultimate JSA book than anything.

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