what comic vine thinks of new 52 titles

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i will add up the score they give to books and work out the average.I will only do first wave titles up to #16 and #0. if a issue hasn't have a review i will go by the user reviews and will round of. I am only doing books that are major book and ones i want to do. please feel free post other series scores or your opinions

Batman - 5 stars

Animal Man - 4.5 stars

Aquaman - 4.5 stars

Batgirl - 4 stars

Action Comics - 4.5 stars

Detective Comics - 3.5 stars

Flash - 4.5 stars

Green Lantern - 4.5 stars

Justice League - 4 stars

Wonder Woman - 4.5 stars

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So I guess comicvine likes the new 52.

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