the new catwomen villian Bone, related to GA villian Brick?

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Okay, so i am not sure if anyone of you have seen the new catwomen villian Bone. if not please look it up here on comicvine. i have a huge feeling the the catwomen crime boss Bone is somehow related to the green arrow villian brick(Danny Brickwell) i have a few facts that i believe back up this theory - first of they both have a hardened layer of skin that are like a plated material - they both wear white suits with black pinstripes (a running joke is that bricks suit keeps getting ripped and he says "do you know how hard it is to find a suit in my size") - they both have become mob bosses so similar carrers - both their names are similar, both named after what their skin looks like and Bones pinstripe in his comicvine picture has a Golden B on the tie which is the first letter in Bone and Brick now to dig deeper... -the creater of Brick was Judd Winnick, who if you guessed it is the writer of Catwomen and as such the creater of Bone.(coincidence?) -now if you look at the fact that green arrow is much younger it could be as i believe, Bone is Brick's dad. and by the time green arrow ages and gets a goatee, brick could have aged into a adult and the 2 timelines could fit togeather. - and in the only flashback to child life i have seen of Brick, it said he grew up with his (i think grandma, or aunt. it wasn't his mom or dad) so we could assume his dad was out of the picture, which, if your dad is a metahuman made of Bone and a supercriminal, no surprize there. the only problems i see with my theory is that in the flashback of Brick, his skin was human skin and he looked normal, but it could be possible that his family doesn't develop their powers till adulthood. Also their last names are different, Brick (Danny Brickwell) and Bone's real name is Louis Ferryman, but Brick could have just not taken his dad's name what do you guys think,

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interesting theory good job gathering all the fact

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thank you : )

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