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On August 31, 2011, DC Comics released the first of the New 52 titles. The following month, DC Comics released 51 other titles. Some were good, some were bad and others were ok.

A while ago, DC Comics announced that some titles were going to be canceled after the eighth issue. Six titles will be ending and six new titles will take their place.

Even though there have been 52 titles six more will come out in May. There will be a total of 58 titles including both old & new. So out of all the titles, which ones were good, which ones were bad, which ones were decent, which ones could of need some work, which ones should of been cancelled that aren't being cancelled?

The New 52

  1. Justice League
  2. Justice League International
  3. Aquaman
  4. Wonder Woman
  5. The Flash
  6. Captain Atom
  7. The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men
  8. Green Arrow
  9. The Savage Hawkman
  10. Mister Terrific
  11. Batman
  12. Detective Comics
  13. Batwing
  14. Batman: The Dark Knight
  15. Batman and Robin
  16. Batgirl
  17. Batwoman
  18. Nightwing
  19. Catwoman
  20. Birds of Prey
  21. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  22. Action Comics
  23. Superman
  24. Superboy
  25. Supergirl
  26. Green Lantern
  27. Green Lantern Corps
  28. Green Lantern: New Guardians
  29. Red Lanterns
  30. Teen Titans
  31. Blue Beetle
  32. Legion of Super-Heroes
  33. Legion Lost
  34. Static Shock
  35. Hawk and Dove
  36. All-Star Western
  37. Deathstroke
  38. Suicide Squad
  39. Stormwatch
  40. Grifter
  41. Voodoo
  42. OMAC
  43. Blackhawks
  44. Men of War
  45. Justice League Dark
  46. Swamp Thing
  47. Animal Man
  48. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
  49. I, Vampire
  50. Resurrection Man
  51. Demon Knights
  52. DC Universe Presents

Second Wave

  1. Batman Incorporated
  2. Earth 2
  3. Worlds' Finest
  4. Dial H
  5. GI Combat
  6. The Ravagers
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These are my favourites of the new 52 and are the ones i have been following from the start:

1. Swamp Thing

2. The Flash (Manapul Art.... OWWWWYEAAAH)

3. Batman (COO)

4. Batman and Robin

5. Aquaman

6. Animal Man

7. OMAC (i am so pissed they cancelled it)

8. I Vampire

9. Justice League (first six was interesting but short, the extended pages debut with # 7 was kinda disappointing and felt messy without J.Lee)

10. Superman (May not follow it any more since the first six was uninteresting, but here's hoping vets like Jurgens and Giffen revitalize the series with #7)

But i'm excited for Earth 2.... that's the only one from the second wave i'm interested in. Oh and i've been following Batman beyond unlimited aswell, the BB story is interesting but the art doesn't fit that story while The JL Beyond story is awesummmmm, they should just make a stand-alone comic for the JL beyond imo.

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