Should DC Have a Plan for The New 52?

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#51 Posted by lightsout (1811 posts) - - Show Bio

I love a lot of the new titles, but I really do hate the 5-year-rule. It's laughable since Green Lantern has gone on un-changed since pre-52, and there's no way all of that** happened in 5 years. (The Hal Jordan in JL is virtually a different one from the GL books). In the books where the main character is "established" (not like Superboy or Supergirl where they're still "finding themselves"), I basically treat it like continuing adventures (like a weekly episode of a show, where there's no larger plot line, just episode-by-episode), and ignore details they mention that contradict pre-52 continuity (/things that would not work in a 5-year period)

**All the 4 earth-lanterns becoming GLs, Sinestro War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, War of the GL, etc etc

#52 Posted by Darkpanther (33 posts) - - Show Bio

@sethysquare: Scott Lobdell said it

#53 Posted by TheMess1428 (2176 posts) - - Show Bio

*pulls hair out* They're making it worse with these edits...

#54 Posted by monitor_earthprime (81 posts) - - Show Bio

I have been reading DC comics since the early 70's and I have enjoyed them. With this DCnU I tried to get behind it, but I just gave up. I went from collecting around $150 of comics to now just under $20 of comics. I cannot stand what they have done. If they would have ended the DC Universe with a simole fad out, and started the DCnU on one of the multiverse earths it would have been better, This way they could start all over and not teased or messed up years of comics and not alienated the old collectors who have been supporting the comic books for decades, At this point I guess I will have to just reread my old books and remember when.

#55 Posted by Onemoreposter (3548 posts) - - Show Bio

Good article man.

#56 Posted by Omega-Man (755 posts) - - Show Bio

To be honest DC should have planned it from the start they pretty much just doing armature on the spot story telling instead of planning it 6 to 12 months a head. In fact if I made the new 52 I would hav done a hard core reboot took Batman back to basics in Batman and Detective comics. Batman and Robin would Start with Dick as Robin and progress and after that maybe a time jump issue and then we see Jason as Robin reintroduced and Dick gets Nightwing as a title and starts there from his early years as Nightwing and progresses.

Batman and Robin would progress slowly goin g from Dick, Jason, Tim then Damian reintroducing them in new ways etc is a good way to go. the way DC has been going is just not in anyway a business move. They are acting like kids trying to say No this is how it went no this is the REAL story!

#57 Posted by Twentyfive (2405 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not in the majority on this opinion, but Tim Drake, although he looks like the estranged half-brother of the Falcon from MARVEL, looks way better in that costume.

#58 Posted by TheNameIsWayne (47 posts) - - Show Bio

What did he mean about Pandora being used as last case resort? Does she have that ability to rewind Flashpoint?

#59 Posted by Undeadpool (464 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheNameIsWayne said:

What did he mean about Pandora being used as last case resort? Does she have that ability to rewind Flashpoint?

When Pandora was first introduced (as The Mysterious Woman in Red) in every single issue of the New 52's first issues, it felt a great deal like she was going to be their "out" if they felt that the fanbase didn't follow their lead.

#60 Posted by sentryman555 (650 posts) - - Show Bio

@JCT45 said:

I was a DC cheerleader most of my life.. To a long time fan the new 52 is utterly heartbreaking .. i've heard all the arguments pro and i simply do not agree with them.. Towards the top of that list being Tim Drake was never robin .. the role of Robin was important to the character and the character was important to me ( and many other fans ). DC mishandled all of this..I almost feel embarrassed for them that they clearly don't have there stuff together, You have writers dropping out left and right , you have current writers who are long time fans who want to make fans happy but are unable to b/c the higher ups won't allow it ( Steph Brown is a "toxic" character and yet a large amount of people want to read about her ? ) and now you have this... i get it they want to make changes , younger readers this and that but damn.. they've really screwed over those that have been with them for a long time.. I went from buying 15 different titles a month... down to 5 after the New 52 and now i'm down to 2. If anything DC has pushed me into the hands of other comics/companies....

This. I'll admit their are things I like in the New 52 but it definitely does not outweigh all the things that have been so frustrating. Tim Drake was MY robin. He's who I grew up with. Now I find out he was never Robin. Wally West was MY flash. Now their is no Wally West. Don't even get me started with the teen titans...........

#61 Posted by kasino (470 posts) - - Show Bio

Titans are coming together soon

I just don't want a messy universe

only 5 years with superheroes? Ok how long has their been supervillains? are supervillains a direct response from their being superheroes? Hope not

5 years with superheroes? Ok how long have these non powered heroes trained? How long have meta-humans been about? If this is new, no propaganda that the aliens brought about this? Or something to that nature

Power Girl and Huntress there for what? If that tell about multiple universes don't that open up the door to what you just tried to get rid of?(like the characters tho)

I don't mind losing all the other stories just keep the universe clean

not to many heroes in action at one time, throw them around time lines or in space

and try to develop what you have

#62 Posted by Mercy_ (92075 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes. The plan is called making people happy and reverting to pre-52

#63 Posted by Mercy_ (92075 posts) - - Show Bio

@Green ankh said:

Lighten up !!! it's a comic book !! For fun !!

What is this nonsense? ;p

#64 Posted by Wowlock (174 posts) - - Show Bio

What I want to know is ...why the 5 year limit ?! Because the characters might be older ? You can't fit the 50 years of story to 5 year period without screwing something-up and from what I saw in certain #0 issues, even the editors don't have much idea how they will fit in the time period ( just look at Batgirl and Catwoman #0 )

These might look like little changes but it also change the whole dynamic of the history between characters and this ''reboot'' seem more and more of a train-wreck with people still wondering, after a whole year, after origin issues , how their favorite characters came to establish themselves in this new 52.

Sometimes you just have to admit that you made a mistake ..and try to make amends for it.

#65 Posted by Teerack (4543 posts) - - Show Bio

This is kind of an inresponsible post. Teen Titans 00 isn't out yet so we don't knwo if Red Robin was never Robin for sure. Scott Lobdell may have mentioned the "idea" of Red Robin being Red Robin right away, but sense he first mentioned it the idea has met nothing but negative respond and I If i recall right that interview was like months ago, so they could of easily tweaked things to that Tim Drake uses the name Robin at one point. Posting this so soon on such a popular site just seem kind of irresponsible, because Red Robin never being Robin might still be miss information, and it's going to confuse people if it's wrong.

#66 Posted by Shotgun (900 posts) - - Show Bio

They have enough time for four robins, but couldn't let two or three batgirls exist during the same timeline? Disappointed, DC...

#67 Posted by Schabbe (82 posts) - - Show Bio

Question! did the "normal" continuity stop publishing when the new 52 started?

#68 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1747 posts) - - Show Bio

Granted, a little flexibility is needed in this business, but you have to have some sort of long range plan for what direction you want the stories to go. But that's just me, I like making long range plans and lists for my stories and what I want the characters' fate to be.

#69 Posted by PapaPoison (4 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't understand why they want to make Batman younger. Maybe it's just me, but I love the idea of Batman being a more aged patriarch. He's spent his life building this empire of avenging vigilantes in his city and eventually across the globe. Putting a number on how many years he has been in service as Batman puts DC in a corner, especially with a slim time frame such as this. It robs the Bat-mythos of it's grandiose nature, in my opinion. Thinking about Bats operating for 15 or 20 years makes more sense to me, personally.

Whatever the case, DC coming into the New 52 without a precise idea of what the new continuity was going to be is complete foolishness. Hashing out a timeline as they go for years and years of back story is dumb, and they should feel dumb for doing it.

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