Potential new characters for the New 52

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The New 52, just as polarizing as Marvel's Civil War or Avengers vs X-Men, if not for its....unpleasing changes to some stories, mainly in the form of uniforms

And others the author is willing to let it mature first before condemning

Hey, the relationship is still being made....you can hate on on Justice League 20 perhaps

However, the New 52 has gotten a lot of good strength for introducing characters

And some the Author personally likes who gets undue hate

Oh come on, there has to be someone who wanted to do that?

Now, who else could appear and keep the New 52....new

The Legion of SuperHeroes: century 21st

No, not Legion Lost.

The idea here is that while the Legion itself is a no go, their races are not. Whose to say they can't appear.

Now, from what I have seen, the Legion of Super heroes is about as affected by the New 52 as Green Lantern or Batman, if even less affected even. That suggets that the heroes of the legion retain their home worlds.

While some are just humans who were swallowed by space whales, struck with magic lightning and descendants of Brainiac, there are some possibilities. After all, 1000 years can't create their sort of powers. (Unless one of their ancestors was like Wolverine with the ladies)

I have a awesome power set!

First we have Element Lad. His race is a peaceful, single valley dwelling race who were pushed to near extinction by a pirate whose name is vaguely Kingdom Heartsy. Could one of them somehow end up on earth?

A race of un-materialistic beings who can turn the Carbon in C02 to gold........The Ascetic, the GiftBringer or something could be a interesting character to have to foil a more materialistic character, like perhaps Booster Gold.

Or perhaps, he could be a interesting idea to devulge into the idea of heroes who use their powers in a god like fashion. Superman once warned ION Kyle that playing god would just lead to problems. This could be a way to work on showing this concept play out.

If only the art was better.....

I'll admit I have a slight crush on Dawnstar, but that doesn't factor into this. Basically what factors in is that Dawnstar's people are around at this time, and have powers.

Dawnstar's people are a tribe of indians who were abducted by aliens and genetically modified, growing wings and gaining very good direction senses, sort of like birds. Its like a more Angel like character with a hint of Hawkman....and a politically correct version of Apache Chief for the Indian concept.

A Starhaven resident could be a interesting method of delving into Indian culture and spirituality, but a series could not really work. Like Angel, A Starhavener would work better as a team member....

Perhaps a Teen Titan?

Male or Female Amazons

There are many examples for the legion that I do not have the time to get into, so to my personal favorit idea, a male Wonder woman sidekick, or for that matter, a male amazon

This doesn't even need to be a Wonder Woman sidekick. The recent addition to the WW lore of male Amazons could easily have a Amazon son who becomes his own hero, with no connection to Wonder Woman.

Sort of like Talon.

It would be a interesting way to expand on the Wonder Woman world, and the godly side of the DCU. Perhaps the guy could end up in a fight with some gods from outside of Greece...

It would be interesting idea, right?

Then again, trying to make a Wonder Woman spin off character might not be doable with her numbers. A Wonderboy sidekick teamed up with Wonder Woman in a second title might be a safer gamble.

Or even add in some new Female Amazons...like that one in Demon Knights

The Corps

The revamp of the Corps has opened a lot of options for new heroes. As of now, there are corps members for the Green, Red and Star Sapphire corps from Earth.

But, could a Indigo, a Blue Lantern or a second Star Sapphire appear on earth?

The Blue Lantern Corps are currently homeless and central battery less due to the reach

The Star Sapphires are under the control of allies of the Guardians

And the Indigo, who are the most likely to be sending a recruit to the planet, have this point, all of their recruits are psycopaths......like CARNAGE! Unless Snyder gives Joker a ring......there will be no one from Earth with its power.

Can we even afford new characters

Now here's a point. We still are trying to find the space to bring back many old faves

Do we really have the time to create Wonder Boy when Donna is still missing? Should be focus on bringing back characters like Toyman, Livewire, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Wally West, Doctor Light (both), Geo Force and Elongated Man as oppose to make new ones.

But, if we don't freshen up the characters.....when will we stagnate?

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Dc has many existing characters that have not yet been used in the New 52 reboots from Fawcett, Charlton, Milestone and Wildstorm. I prefer DC just reboot all of the Legionnaires as 21st century earth people similar to the x-men to compete with the x-men. Many old justice society characters are not being used on main earth and I prefer just reboot on main earth : iron munro, helena kosmatos, flying fox, power girl, helena bertinelli, jay garrick, alan scott, kendra saunders, kent nelson, al pratt, ted grant, etc. If you look at the Arrow tv show, it is obvious that Helena Bertinelli is more useful on the main earth with no ties to earth 2. I also prefer to reboot the Crime Syndicate on the main earth.

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Geo-Force is apparently appearing next march.

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Eh, I say cancel all the old character-based titles and do nothing but new characters. When it comes to Superman and Batman especially, there's billions of pieces of different varieties of merchandise that made the two (along with some of their friends and foes) into household names. Either that, or DC should just up and quit publishing comics altogether. (Now, this is what the cynical half of me would say.)

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Doctor Light will probably soon show up in JLA, since Green Arrow got blinded by some light while trying to stop Multiplex (who asked for help with a secret society communicator).

Earth 2 characters will not appear on the main earth. i think Robinson made that really clear in a prior interview

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@Lamenoire said:

Doctor Light will probably soon show up in JLA, since Green Arrow got blinded by some light while trying to stop Multiplex (who asked for help with a secret society communicator).

Earth 2 characters will not appear on the main earth. i think Robinson made that really clear in a prior interview

Doctor Light is showing up in Teen Titans. its unknown whether or not its Kimiyo or Arthur.

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Bunker seems cool. Maybe he should get his own solo. The "Teen Titans" corner of the DCnU has whittled down to 3 team books that leave more than a little to be desired.

Such a shame too.

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Superman needs new characters! Not just new villains.

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I have a huge problem with this article, mainly cause the things that are being hinted as possibilities that are being brought by the new 52

well, we already had those things before the new 52

LSH on 21st century

we already had that, it was called R.E.B.E.L.S. and it was Awesome

Male Amazons

Done, and not very good i might add


the Corps

I dont even need to mention this

all those things would had happen without the new 52

as for Can we afford new characters

yeah of course we can, but what does that have to do with the new 52?

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