Off My Mind: The New 52's Five Year Limitations

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So much rich history just "Old Yeller'ed", *le sigh*.

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Wait... I'm new to comics and stuff. So DC's NEW 52  gonna end after 5 years? then whats the point of it?

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In the end IDGAF about the length of time thigns happened in. The stuff happened but how long prior to another thing eh it just happened.

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@The Stegman said:

I think DC shot itself in the foot with this one.

Pretty much,it's one big mess.

At this point I'm of the view that DC actually intends to reboot everything(or atleast most of it) and they're doing it slowly and cleverly.They keep dropping controversial bombshells such as Drake never being Robin,Bertinelli dead etc even though Tim was already addressed as being Robin more than once in the new-52 and they basically tricked the Bertinelli fans with that Huntress mini.Other examples include them retconning Wolfmans Titans (which they said they would'nt do),saying they keep Batman's history intact,clearly deleting Tim's entire run as Robin,making Shiva as old as Dick(which in turn as we all know has dire consequences on Cass) is keeping the" Batfamily intact"

DC is worse than Marvel,atleast Marvel does'nt flat out lie to it's fan base.

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DC should make a choice: or you reboot EVERYTHING, or you don't reboot. Otherwise, this continuity mess will be bigger than it was in the pre-New 52.

But, as @kingdomenic said, we should just enjoy the great stories!

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As i only started reading with the new 52 i have little to no knowledge of previous storylines, so i'm not too bothered about it.

It would be good if they could release a list of all the storylines they're keeping though (what histories still exist)

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that is why I cannot like this New 52 stuff! it is very confusing for older readers... we are all just wandering, "did this really happened!? or not?"

and stuff like : Where's "Cassandra?, Stephanie?, Hush?"

i cant like it!

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I'd for all this New 52 to be a massive ruse and it'll eventually revert back. But I prefer Superman in this and some of the re-designs are really cool. Obviously I have my problems with some missing characters and history, but that was to be expected.

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I don't concern myself too much of 'what happened' or 'what didn't happened'. I still enjoy the pre-New 52 graphic novels & I still plan on buying & reading them.

But what bothers me is the five year time line. That is just too short amount of time. Too small of a window. I mean, 4 Robins in 5 years?! That just doesn't work well. I mean, given what Lobdell said about Tim going straight to being Red Robin makes some sense but Tim's whole thing was Batman needs a Robin. Why would he try to convince Batman to get a new Robin and then say, "No, I'll just be a whole new Robin, Red Robin" That doesn't make that much sense to me!

Another thing that bothers me is some of the changes they made to some of the characters. Example, I love the current run of Wonder Woman but I hate a lot of the changes that has been made to her world. Changing her whole mythology was unnecessary (IMO).

Though, I don't let these things bother me too much to the point that I can't enjoy the books I get each week. Some of the books are freakin great, some changes were for the better and I'm just enjoying the story lines, etc. Nitpicking is just not a lot of fun for

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Regarding DC's strategy to keep these characters young by cramming their entire careers into only half a decade: it's interesting when you compare it to Marvel. Wolverine has been around since the 19th century, Captain America fought in WWII, and Thor is an ancient Norse god. These are all very old characters who readers follow devotedly nonetheless. If both Batman and Superman are pushing 40, then why is that such a problem? There are plenty of younger heroes for younger readers to relate to. Robin was introduced to appeal to kids in the first place! It makes a lot more sense for Batman to have been operating for 15 years instead of just 5, with all of the characters and events that the publisher wants to keep as canon. The only way to really make DC characters seem fresh would have been to just start the whole DC universe over again from scratch. Yes, a consequence would be that a lot of material written by Alan Moore or Frank Miller would no longer have "happened" to these characters, but in this new era of comics, there is plenty of new talent that deserves to shine.

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they only point of answering a question about a past event is tell a new different interesting story so unless it has to do with entertainment it doesn't really matter what happened in the past, and it's better to say nothing so you don't have to make a choice about a past event until absolutely necessary it gives writer more room to manuever.

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Technically, DC stated that batman's story's have been going on for ten years, while everyone else's career has only been for 5 years. It makes the 5 robins slightly more feasible, but still bizzare and weird in its own right.

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The "five year limit" refers to DC stating that the entirety of the DCU took place within the span of 5 years.

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DC just put out a list of what did and did not happen. I love the new 52 and just give DC time to tell the new story and it will all work itself out.

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All of you, or the comments I read, dont figure out that before the official five years of the heroes existed many years in "shadow" of each other, when GL thinks Batman exists is because he heard of Batman, so Batman have been a legend for at least 5 years more than the five years official, the others maybe too, but the Robins problem is solved.

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Because for a lot of people thinks is an interesting character and have a very important role in Tim´s history and formation. And she had a lot of fans in pre News 52 so the fans want Steph back. That´s all.

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Great article. I love the new 52. It's good that anyone whose been away from comics for a while like myself or people that are just getting in to them can start somewhere and it's not as confusing.

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I don't get why the Teen Titans are suddenly strangers to each other. Why erase all that? Do they all have amnesia? I hate that their history like..........NEVER HAPPENED? Why do that? It makes me want to cry (with anger).
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They should release a special encyclopedia that has the entire DC universe timeline for each character and fit it together in five years. I wish that made it 10 or 15 years as then it'd be easy to fit into the storyline but noooooo, DC had to make everyone young and hip!

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I wonder if Scott Lobdell (and whoever else is in on it) is aware of how much anger and sadness they're causing the readers. And if they are aware, do they care?
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I blame Lee, Didio, and Johns. for any new52 problems

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To tell you the truth I could careless if it all took place in 5 years. I have an imagination. I can use it if I don't like the way something is so I can be happy about it.

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My New 52 History. Know it's not the best, but it's OK. Sorry if it's confusing.

So the superhero thing in the DCU begins in a 9 time span with Batman has been operating along with his young 11 year old ward, Dick Grayson as Robin. However little have been known about them except tales told by the insane criminal, the Joker, so they have been a urban legend. 3 years go by and Superman is the first publicly known superhero. This leads to Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter come out of hiding and on to the superhero scene. This also leads to superhero watches going off in Gotham City in which Batman and Robin are spotted and become known. Only to increase the amount of notrious villains to make their way to Gotham to take on the Bat, match wits with him, or just get a laugh.

Batman and Robin being spotted for the first time.

Within the next year trouble comes up! And this means a threat to the world kinda thing. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and new comer Cyborg join together to stop this vistor Darkseid and his forces. Heroes Robin and Martian Manhunter does not take part as Robin was told to stay in the Bat Cave and help give newcomer, Barabra Gordon training to become Batgirl. While Martian Manhunter decides to take a less social way of handling the invasion by defending Earth solo. After the events the Justice League is formed. After the formation of the Justice League the hero named Batgirl makes her debut followed by heroes Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkman, The Atom, and others. It should also be noted during this time the team Young Justice is formed consisting of Robin, Donna Troy, Speedy, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg whom went out of the League for awhile to help this team. Martian Manhunter took Cyborg's place (this could mean the mention of MMH being int he League in the past). Within the next year Superman incounters Supergirl for the first time.

Within the next 2 years of the JL forming, Dick leaves the Batcave and Barbara left her mantle of Batgirl. During this time Batman had taken in Jason Todd (who got shot down with a couple of being Robin) During this time Dick has become Nightwing, Babs had got shot by the Joker, and Superman got killed by Doomsday. Within the next months. Tim Drake finds out the idenity of Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) and takes on the mantle of Red Robin (as he was afraid of hurting the Robin legacy. Remember that was Tim's fear when he became Robin). Also during this time Superman has comeback to life. This all takes place within 3 years of the JL forming.

In the middle of 4th year, Batman dies and Dick takes on the mantle of Batman and gives the mantle of Robin to Bruce's biological son from Tailia (the daughter of one B-Man and Dick's earliest foes) the mantle of Robin in which Tim leaves to search for Bruce. When we walk into the New 52 books that do not take place within the past (Action Comics and JL), it is right when Bruce is becoming Batman once more. Tim Drake also gathers a group of teenage heroes becoming the Teen Titans leading to the start of the New 52.

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