New 52 - Nov-12 Rankings

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Top 10

1 (=), 159,729 (+11,424) : Batman - Batman was a steady first before Death of the Family started; now it's blowing Justice League out of the water. Heads and shoulders above any other DC comic going around, in both sales and quality.

2 (=), 113,094 (-4,658) : Justice League - Batman was fighting the Joker, the Justice League were fighting Cheetah. Gee, I wonder why Batman is surging ahead from the title that used to be neck and neck with him.

3 (=), 78,499 (-13,315) : Green Lantern - Steady waaaaay back at No. 3, although the bat-titles are hot on his tail. Although I hear there's some kind of Green Lantern crossover going on as well, but you wouldn't know it from his sales. Strong chance of losing his spot at No. 3 in the coming months.

4 (+10), 77,499 (+27,394) : Batgirl - Death of the Family is selling like hotcakes, and Batgirl was one of the primary beneficiaries. Potentially hitting a perfect storm in the next couple of months, being one of the main Death of the Family tie-ins as well as Gail Simone's Batgirl swansong. (By the way, firing Gail Simone? Terrible, terrible decision. Just... ugh. Almost as bad as hiring Liefield.)

5 (+2), 75,543 (+12,446) : Batman and Robin - And all we saw this month was a crappy zombie movie tie-in to Death of the Family. Imagine what's going to happen next week when the crossover begins in earnest.

6 (-2), 74,560 (-1,832) : Detective Comics - It doesn't seem like Detective Comics is tying in that closely with Death of the Family thus far, but it's still a top seller as always. Expect to see it take it's usual place in the Top 4 shortly.

7 (-2), 64,341 (-2,900) : Action Comics - As someone who doesn't follow Superman at all, it's never made sense to me that Action Comics seems to be the lead title in the Super-Family instead of the Superman title. Still, Action Comics has been a steady Top 5 earner for the past year, and should take that spot once more after the Death of the Family dies down.

8 (+22), 63,691 (+36,047) : Suicide Squad - I wonder what could have possibly caused this title to leap from middle of the pack to Top 10 comic. Deadshot? That weird fire guy with all the tattoos? A delayed appreciation for Amanda Waller's inexplicable and disappointing weight loss? Whatever it is, it'll be over in a couple of months. But if the comic can retain just a quarter of the new readers who jumped on for the DotF crossover, it will have been a jaw-dropping success.

9 (+12), 63,653 (+23,506) : Catwoman - Yet another Bat-family title receiving the Joker's version of the Colbert Bump. This is making the The Night of the Owls sales bump look like a dead cat bounce. (Disclaimer: this is a figure of speech; I do not support, endorse or approve of any literal interpretations of that saying).

10 (-4), 62,792 (-2,479) : Batman: The Dark Knight - Even the titles not involved with the crossover are selling ridiculously. I'm not saying I approve of the hypothetical situation proposed where DC would replace most of their titles with Bat-Family comics, but I can understand why they would do it.

Bottom 10

52 (=), 9,173 (-813) : G.I. Combat - Fun fact; G.I. Combat has now joined the prestigious ranks of New 52 titles who have dropped under 10,000 sales. The other lucky few are Mister Terrific, Men of War and Blackhawks. And unless there's a jump for the series finale, G.I. Combat will join Men of War and Blackhawks in being the only titles to do it twice.

51 (=), 11,631 (-511) : Grifter - Another dead title walking; Grifter actually did pretty well to survive this long. Despite finishing 45th in the first month of New 52, Grifter rebounded to outlast quite a few titles that finished ahead of it.

50 (=), 12,508 (-633) : Blue Beetle - Has been in the bottom 10 selling titles for the last 13 months, so no surprise that's it's ending soon.

49 (=), 12,862 (-598) : The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men - Lowest ranking title that hasn't been cancelled yet. It actually started out back at the start of New 52 at 29th, but it's all been downhill from there. Probably cancelled in one of the upcoming waves.

48 (-1), 13,537 (-868) : DC Universe Presents - I actually think this title might survive a bit longer, since it serves a specific purpose in highlighting certain characters (as opposed to revolving around one central character who clearly isn't selling). Still, it's been a low seller for a really long time.

47 (+1), 13,666 (-594) : I, Vampire - Another still active title that has shown surprising durability. However, critical reception, a cult fanbase and strong reader retention can only keep a book alive for so long when it's been under 20,000 buys since December 2011. Up on the chopping block with the Firestorm book I've never read before.

46 (-1), 14.452 (-626) : Deathstroke - Consistently low seller who hasn't shown any sign of reviving their sales. High risk of cancellation.

45 (+1), 14,726 (-37) : The Savage Hawkman - I suppose the fact they only lost 37 buys is notable. Started off as a middling title, but failed to retain enough readers and fell to the bottom of the heap.

44 (=), 14,766 (-611) : Legion Lost - Dead title walking. Full disclosure; I have absolutely no idea who is in Legion Lost, who Legion Lost is, or anything about them at all. They are outselling a few titles who haven't been cancelled yet, which isn't a good sign for those titles.

43 (-2), 15,967 (-1,199) : Batwing - While all the other bat-titles are skyrocketing in sales, Batwing hits the bottom 10 for the first time. Not a good look for the bat-family. If the Justice League International book was cancelled for making the Justice League line look bad, Batwing can't be lasting much longer.

Titles of Note

40 (+3), 16,444 (-57) : Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - It sucks that this book got cancelled, when it's not even selling that poorly and I personally like it. Luckily it seems like Frankenstein will be finding a new home at Justice League Dark, but it still sucks.

41 (-6), 16,272 (-5,280) : Sword of Sorcery - Speaking of characters that will soon be finding a new home at Justice League Dark, it's not a good look when a title's below 20,000 sales at Issue 2.

37 (-4), 17,559 (-7,336) : Team 7 - See: Sword of Sorcery. Another cool book that is not long for this world.

32 (-5), 22,481 (-7,534) : The Phantom Stranger - Not in as much trouble as the above two titles, but they have to be hoping that they hit the price floor soon. May hit double figures (unlike some other Third Wave comics) , but won't last much longer from the look of things.

15 (+2), 50,720 (+3,549) : Nightwing - About to have a rocket strapped to his back courtesy of Death of the Family.

22 (-2), 39,745 (-1,314) : Teen Titans - See: Nightwing

23 (+2), 37,710 (+2,290) : Red Hood and the Outlaws - See: Nightwing

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pretty solid analysis good job

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I think the reason for Suicide Squad getting as much sales as it did was because of the reunion of Harley and Joker but since it's my #1 favorite, I hope it manages to keep a quarter of its readers too cause I love what's being done in this book. I don't see Harley leaving Suicide Squad at all since she's bringing home the bacon in sales.

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@SiycoBat said:

I think the reason for Suicide Squad getting as much sales as it did was because of the reunion of Harley and Joker.

pretty much all the titles with any relation to DotF will get a boost

Batgilr is an special case cause is also tapping on The Killing Joke

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True but this boost is unreal even with DoTF, Suicide Squad NEVER made this much sales in all of its run. Before DoTF, it's highest sale was 44,981 and that was the first issue. Suicide Squad got back its numbers with an added near 20,000. Seriously, that is amazing and the real challenge is keeping it at least in the mid ranks.

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Yeah its kinda sad for Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. And the drops on Phantom Stranger, Sword of Sorcery and Team 7 are scary.

I expect Fury of the Firestorm and Savage Hawkman to get cancelled not just because of the bad sales, also because they become part of Justice League titles. Dc Universe Presents might survive if they give spotlight on some more popular characters.

I can't say anything about I,Vampire and Batwing but i would be sad if they cancel them.

As for Deathstroke i think it depends on the sales they get with the new team working on it, if it gets a boost it might survive.

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