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There seem to be more women than usually in the new 52 showing up in fancy dresses.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is the same as usual.  Still interesting to see a sort of cross section (taken from the first three issues of the the series) of how artists are interpreting fashion.   

      Karen Star
 Karen Star again with Aleeka and a couple others
 Carol Ferris
 Jaina Hudson
 Selina Kyle (in disguise)
 Ren Takamori
 Dawn Granger
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Starfire wins! That outfit is stylish as hell.

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@Mayo88m: It wasn't really intended as a contest, but I can keep tabs if you like
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@RazzaTazz: Oh, I know. I was just showing my love for Starfire. All the ladies look great, and you're right. There does seem to be more females out of costume, and in dresses than usual.

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Anyone want to give Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum a call? 'Cause no one here wants to seance Coco Chanel, right?...

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Starfire looks a tad bit like C.Viper.

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@Miss Menace: Well obviously Capcom ripped them off.

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Now that I think about it, it looks like they're all a little late for Fashion Week Fall/Autumn and a little early for Fashion Week Spring/Summer....

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Nice swagga, Starfire does win this. followed closely by Jaina Hudson

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I was gonna say "corsets and hooker boots" but I see this is about dresses. ^_^ I support dresses.

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Selina wins hands down.

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RazzaTazz made a blog and Wonder Woman is not mentioned :O

Wondy's costume>>>any fancy dress

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@super_psycho: She hasnt been seen wearing a dress yet, as son as yes, it will go in here
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@RazzaTazz: Wondy's costume>>>>>any dress :)

#15 Posted by super_psycho (2789 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Huntress?

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Is it just me, or do Ren and Dawn have the exact same face...and haircut?

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Star & Jaina pics are good, the first PG pic is ok. The Dove, Catwoman, Carol & Ren pics are horrible.

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