Help me choose please!!!

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So I have collected three series and I'm looking to add a fourth.

So right now I am stuck between batman: court of owls and Justice league. I would like batman because his universe is awesome while Justice League has all the heroes and them interacting which I think would be cool to read. But I do have one concern maybe in which one of ya'll can help me I also am a big fan of Red robin, Black bat and Spoiler do any of you have any hint or clue at all that maybe one of them will have their own comic book? Because then I would hold out for one of them lol thanks for the help!

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@Agent09: Go with Batman, its great. Justice League has been very mediocre since the relaunch.

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@Katie24: Thanks katie it was the one i was leaning more towards

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@Agent09: I also agree that Batman has been a better story since the relaunch to this point.

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