Do you really think it will stay?

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The more I read and learn, the more I think this is not going to forever. In a lot of ways it reminds of Marvel's attempt after the Onslaught saga (though it wasn't even close to the size and detail of the New 52). I thin kwhen it goes back to the norm there will be some lasting changes to many characters, but in the end, the DCU that we know will be back. Am I alone in feeling this way?

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I've given it a lot of thought and I'm not really sure. As much as I enjoy the New 52, I MUCH prefer the pre-flashpoint history. The old costumes, the old story lines, the old characters (wally, donna, stephanie brown, oracle, etc) and even the old persona's (starfire and even superboy to an extent). I would have preferred the New 52 to have been its own universe, much like its own Ultimate version, an All Star universe, or something of the sort. There's just too much history in DC to have just thrown it all away for a boost in comic book sales. I'd understand if they wanted to take the next year or two to retcon and revamp some history so it's more modern and kick ass (such as the formation of this new JLA) but I miss the old.

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I don't believe they will change it back, because that would be a simple waste of money. In terms of profit, since we're talking about a company, going back would mean automatically that they've been spending all this money for nothing. Don't get me wrong here. I don't want to be accused of being cynic, but they won't return to the old universe as long as New 52 sells. To be honest, I do miss a lot of things, but I kind of like this wind of change, so I'm willing to sit back and enjoy the ride. If the ride isn't enjoyable, I'll simply catch another bus, if you know what I mean.

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I want to agree. It would make a great U on its own like Marvel's Ultimate.

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Why would it not stay? It allows a clean slate for fresh stories. It also lets the rehash old stories with new twists. It's brought them in a ton of new customers. People might wish for it to go back, but pretty sure they're not going to. This was a big undertaking, not just something they're going to sweep under the rug. Especially with it's current success.

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I'd like to see a blend of of the Pre and Post-Flashpoint universes.

I'd like to see some costumes go back to normal, the current JLI not being the first, Captain Atom returns to his pre-relaunch self, Blue Beetle return to his pre-relaunch self, Green Arrow to his pre-relaunch self, the Crises left intact, and the JSA still around. The only thing I actually want to keep around from the Post-Flashpoint universe is the incorporated Vertigo and Wildstorm characters.

But to answer the question, I see it staying but being modified. I have no doubt that the red-hooded woman is going to end up changing things in the next event.

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I was actually curious if the route they'll go down the line is to keep what works and revisit would did in favor of what doesn't. That's usually the nature proper of revamp. To refine it again later down the line. In fact they've done this every time they altered the timeline/revamped. Later they threaded back and the old continuity reared it's head and clashed, then combined with the present tensed one. Ending with a melting pot effect. I think it's too early to see any real effects of this however.

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@Phaedrusgr: You make a good point regarding financial

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DC was dying out. Everything was selling low. 52 really brought life into it. It would only hurt them to go back.

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@Dernman said:
DC was dying out. Everything was selling low. 52 really brought life into it. It would only hurt them to go back.
Yea. If things did go back I would dump all there books for wasting my time and money. I would just be adding more Image books to my pull list. 
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@Alpha: Periodically every company needs to reboot their characters to help capture a larger audience. There are soft reboots, like Punisher and Daredevil over at Marvel, and there are major reboots, like DC in September.

Will things go back to what you consider normal? No. I have been reading comics for 40 years and I have never seen things change back, but they do keep changing.

I would expect a Crisis level event in 10 years that redefines the DCU again. I look forward to it. The only thing more exciting than watching the multiverse collapse in the original Crisis was watching it get reborn in Infinite Crisis.

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if you are asking if they will eventually do another reboot/retcon yes yes they will. it happens every few years or so. But will it go back to what it was before... no it won't.

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There's that Mysterious hooded woman event coming next year, I'm sure that will have some connection to the previous universe. Maybe we will see the the old universe vs the new and the histories we be merged with the current storyline meaning it can go on being the new 52 aswell as having previous histories.

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Personally I like it. I hope they don't change it back.

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I second and the financial aspect previous users already mentioned. DC was dead. Personally I hadn't read maby DC comics anymore, just a few Batman/DC every once in while, and switched to a lot of IMAGE stuff. Now, with the New 52 I thought it's interesting and gave it a fair chances and so far I am not disappointed. Besides, I had to do some research that has brought me to Comicvine - kinda my new favorite (comic) site on the net - will that double my score?

The question is not will the New 52 stay but what are the titles that will have a long stay and what titles will be cancelled and replaced by others? With the first 6 titles cancelled/replaced this could be a quiz. Who's next off the list?

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