DC Comics: The New 54?!

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Messed Up! #14 - This week, I talk about all the cancellations and the Fourth Wave!

Don't forget to leave suggestions in the comments for what topics you want me to talk about in future episodes!

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G.I. Combat is definitel being cancelled, and there's no confirmation of when Snyder and Lee's new Superman series begins. There's five cancellations, and only five CONFIRMED new series' for the Fourth Wave. I don't think it's confusing, they announced Superman earlier without a release date, while the others HAD release months announced.

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Well before they announced Katana, Vibe, and Constantine, they had made everyone believe that 3 of the new titles were Justice League of America, Superman, and Threshold.

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@TheMess1428: Everyone BELIEVED Superman would be one of the Fourth Wave, but if you look at the DC announcements about it, they never tried to give that impression. They simply said it was coming in 2013, and everyone just kind of assumed it would be part of the 4th Wave, since, at the time there were only two other confirmed series' for the 4th Wave.

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