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41345 NightFang Thing Overview 04/29/13 01:29AM 6 Approved
41342 NightFang Thing Overview 04/29/13 01:23AM 38 Approved
41322 NightFang Thing Overview Added Starscream to characters. 04/28/13 11:45PM 20 Approved
41315 NightFang Thing Overview Added War to concepts. 04/28/13 11:00PM 6 Approved
41314 NightFang Thing Overview Added Earth, Space and Cybertron to locations. 04/28/13 11:00PM 12 Approved
41313 NightFang Thing Overview Added the Predacons and the Decepticons to teams. 04/28/13 10:58PM 8 Approved
41312 NightFang Thing Overview Added Thanatos to similar. 04/28/13 10:57PM 6 Approved
41310 NightFang Thing Overview Added Trypticon and Megatron to characters. 04/28/13 10:53PM 10 Approved

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