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I started to read this issue and figured by the cover that this was the beginning of the end for this series.  I have been waiting for that moment when the series either gets more of a traditional comic book feel, or starts glorifying war, but this issue did neither.  Despite the fact that the cover would let you believe so, this story is not really about the three superheroes invading Vietnam, rather its just an imaginary scenario of Ice and Martini after they find some old comic books.  Then Jones comes in and starts talking about the funny stuff he saw in "Green Berets" a movie which was glorifying war.  Of course the whole point is that this is a story about real heroes.  Doug Murray really was in Vietnam and he built the character Ice off of either one specific person which he knew or at least a composite of them, and so it is a real hero which shines through here at the end, through the medium of the comics and the mind of the writer.  Not a person that glorified war, but rather a person that just tried to survive it and to keep his morality and men intact while doing so.  

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