sifighter's The Movement #4 - The Conscience of the Masses review

To WAR! Movement#4 review

This series has become one of my favorite DC titles due to great art and writing from Gail Simone and Freddie Williams but also its amazing original characters. So picking up from the last issue Virtue has declared war on the Coral City police, and in this issue we get that war and oh what a fight it is. Tanks are thrown, Rats are everywhere, People in masks fighting Swat teams, and so much more. However while the fights are amazing what Gail is really good at writing are the characters. This issue we get a couple of our heroes origins, and a secret that one of the Movement is hiding from everyone else. Beyond all that it is just a pretty amazing issue, and I can't wait for the next issue, to bad its in October due to Villains month. The only other thing I can say without spoiling is that Katharsis is actually starting to get really scary and brutal.


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    CityWar 0

    I'm surprised to see this arc come to a close so quickly, setting some other plot points to extend out into the next arc or so. The siege of the Coral City Police department wrapped up surprisingly quickly, especially since half this issue is dedicated to fleshing out character backstories. But in the context of the whole series, the point they're at now isn't exactly unreasonable. I like that we're getting the full story on each character (save Vengeance Moth and Virtue), it just comes at a we...

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    The 4th issue has raised the stakes once again. The Movement is a series that seems to be getting better with each issue 0

    I’ve mentioned before that one of the main attractions I have for Gail Simone’s The Movement is that it is well-off the oft-trodden path that superhero comics generally take. They are loud and grand and often quite fantastical. In an almost complete about-face, Gail’s new series for DC is something much more personal, much more relevant. This is a series that deals with vigilantism and corruption with a superhero flavour. It posits a situation where the people rise up en masse to protest against...

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