the_mighty_monarch's The Movement #3 - Class Warfare review

Tears Fall From Empty Eyes

The Movement continues to flesh out its characters beautifully while driving the plot forwards at a smooth and steady pace. There were definitely a few major plot points all flying around, but it was never too hectic, but it's still satisfying to see them sort of roped together and streamlined leading into each other as things move forwards.

It's intriguing, usually I'm frustrated when heroes jump the gun and get embroiled in a pointless and easily avoidable conflict. I almost forgot that it can be utilized well, and that's certainly what Simone did here. And the conflict ended mostly by people being rational, not one group completely pounding sense into the other. It also set some loose little bits to mull about and come back to fruition once they've ripened, and it moved along lots of nice little subtle bits of character development.

Vengeance Moth's name is odd, but I totally love her, she's easily my favorite character in this series thus far. She's so hard to pin down completely. She displays the most straightforward genuine kindness to the imprisoned police officers, and yet the moment they try to use that against her she dives right into an about-face into 100% serious mode. But it works well, she doesn't seem bipolar or anything, just very very in control of her self, and perhaps a tactical or psychological genius of sorts. Then we find out that, unlike most wheelchair bound characters, she's NOT a computer genius. So what IS she to the team? Clearly she's one of the main inner circle, so what's her 'ability' or talent?

If there's one thing I have to fault this issue on, it's that things are coming together a bit TOO easily, and it's making me suspicious. How did Katharsis just happen to know exactly who the cornea killer was, when the rest of them had to go talk to Rainmaker for help? And then how did Rainmaker know all the details? It's all just too easy, but the fact that we see the cornea killer kill and we don't see his face is making me think they're both wrong about his identity, in which case it being too easy will make sense in the long run. But for now it just feels slightly rushed, too convenient.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Smooth plotting, a widely varied cast of interesting characters, great artwork, strong emotion, and complex morality. The Movement has it all, falling just short of perfection, but definitely with high potential to fully reach the sky sometime soon.


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