krspacet's The Movement #1 - Eaten From the Inside Out review

A solid start

Gail Simone is a writer I enjoy the stylings of. As she finally moves to more than just Batgirl, we get to see her play with other ends of the New 52.

And she decides to focus on something different. Something between the lights of heroes, and the shadows of villains. A gray team who attempts to fix problems, but may just do worse.

While I'd prefer to see her do the Birds of Prey again, for all I know she might be able to reintroduce Sin or Misfit or someone else here. For all we know, these guys could be the next Runaways.

But, as long as she doesn't put them in the Hunger Games, she can't really go wrong.

Edited by charlieboy

I found this issue to be interesting and I will definitely pick up the next issue because it has got me curious.

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    This issue has a pretty nice cover, not my favorite but nothing wrong with it really aside from one major content factor, not a design choice. love the way the moon and the clouds form the symbol and almost look like the reflection in a lake create a deceptively layered image. But who is that girl on the bottom with the blonde hair? We meet everyone else on the cover except her. Though I like how if you look closely you can tell she's in a wheelchair. But it always bothers me when the first is...

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