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Publication History

The Moth was created by Steve Rude for a trading card set in 1993 called "Creator's Universe" as a drawing for the card and nothing more. But inker Gary Martin convinced Steve Rude to turn the trading card art into a comic character. Together they wrote and drew the Moth and published it through Dark Horse's Rocket Comics in 2002, I think it was.

Character History

Jack King and his brother Tad King were born conjoined twins, abandoned by their mother in a dumpster. They were found by a police officer and put up for adoption but were never adopted. During birth Jack received Tad's strength and agility added to his own. Because of this Tad never fully developed. Jack grew up into a angry young man who often broke the law until he was found by a circus ringmaster who took Jack and Tad in and taught Jack to channel his energy into being an acrobat for the Circus. The Moth was his stage persona, but Jack would also use it to fight crime.

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