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The story of The Monarchy begins prior to the series proper.

The story begins with The Throne--an army of thousands of heroes from multiple realities, led by their hereditary ruler King One. A mysterious evil befell this superhuman army, known as Bram Dusk the Living Quantum Virus. They were all massacred save for Morningstar, youngest of The Throne.

The evil that threatened the entire multiverse, known as Chimaera, had grown in power in the years since The Throne's fall. They were a "cancer" in the Bleed, a force of pure destruction and evil led by the Higher Power, a twisted alien mockery of the Authority. As they neared our Earth, the Weavers--half-spider defenders of the Bleed--enlisted an alternate reality version of Henry Bendix and Morningstar (now known as Jon Farmer) to recruit a new Throne team to do battle with them.

Jackson King, Synergy (Christine Trelane) and a half-dozen others would form the core of the team. However at the end of the series, as they set out into the Multiverse in a world-sized fortress dubbed The Throne, another young recruit named Matt (who possessed a power like Synergy to empower others) had been added to the group, presumably to empower a new generation of Monarchy recruits later.

The final core team of The Monarchy included well known Wildstorm heroes such as Jackson and Malcom King, Synergy and Union along with several new comers: Professor Q, Caleb, Jon Farmer, Vox Populi, and The Metropolitan.

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