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This series was one of a few during the time period when Preacher and Transmetropolitan were nearing their conclusions and Vertigo was looking for a new flagship title that was pushed to a degree where it was hoped that this could become a new flagship. Pretty much all books that Vertigo pushed to this extent and with this intent (others including Jamie Delano's Outlaw Nation and Ed Brubaker's Deadenders) failed to become big sellers and were canceled within 2 years.

This book failed the worst and was canceled after a mere 8 issues. A pity, as it was a really unique book with a lot going for it and it remains perhaps one of writer Peter Milligan's most intriguing works. All 8 issues were created by writer Peter Milligan and artist Sean Phillips. 10 years later, the series has yet to be collected in one book.

The Minx tells the story of a prim and proper woman in a world going mad as 'The Monkey God' is about to arrive on earth. In the midst of this, the woman is horrified to discover that she has multiple personalities and her other side, the uninhibited and Punk-ish 'Minx' has psychic powers.

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