doomdoomdoom's The Minx #1 review

Hermaphrodites, Monkeys, and Virgins, Oh My.

How do I summarize this issue...Well, for starters we have a hermaphroditic killer, A monkey-god returning to Earth, An asexual mutated organism, and poor Anna Scwarz getting felt up and hearing voices within the first ten pages or so. Milligan's focus here seems to be sex, but he isn't showing it to us and that's a good thing. There is a reoccurring theme of sex and death as intertwined concepts which is hinted at in the name of the antagonist "Sexdeath the Messiah". What I took from the issue was the loss of oneself in a relationship and in the heat of the moment is similar to death. Whoaa look at me making crazy statements based off one issue. Overall I enjoyed this issue and Milligan did a great job setting up each individual scene but there was something missing that made me want to scour the earth for issue #2.

Posted by Hawkeye446

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