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She-Hulk represents her fellow Avenger Starfox in court. He is accused of taking advantage of a woman by using his emotion-changing powers on her. She-Hulk becomes enraged when she suspects the Starfox has similarly manipulated her in the past. Starfox is removed from custody by his father Mentor, the ruler of the alien race known as the Titans.

She-hulk and airforce pilot John Jameson fall deeply in love and get a quick wedding in Las Vegas. This raises the suspicions of she-hulk’s fellow lawyer August “Pug” Pugliese. Pug believes the she-hulk and john are under the influence of Starfox’s powers. However, he fails to convince she-hulk.

An old enemy of the Jameson family injects John with a drug that revives a powerful cosmic force of his body. John transforms into the wolf-like Star-God. He refuses to change back unless she-hulk returns to her normal human form…

Planet Hulk

The hulk crash-lands on the planet Sakaar, a brutal world ruled by the red king. He begins to gain a following amongst Sakaar’s oppressed people. They believe he is the “Sakaarson”, their legendry saviour. The hulk leads them into the wild countryside and freedom, but is pursued by the red king’s assassin, Caiera the Oldstrong. The hulk and Caiera titanic battle is interrupted by the arrival of the Spikes; a living weapon that can infect and possess any being.

Caiera’s discovers that the red king released the Spikes. He bombs the village full of civilians in an attempt to kill the hulk’s forces. Caiera is disgusted with her master’s barbaric actions, and becomes one of Hulk’s comrades-in-arms: the Warbound.

The Hulk and his band travel to meet with Caiera and Hiroim’s people: the mysterious Shadow Elders…

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