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Mr Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt and Dr. Strange agree on a plan to protect the world from the Hulk's destructive rages. The Hulk is tricked into entering a spacecraft and blasted into deep space. He lands on the planet Sakaar and is enslaved by the insane Red King. He fights for his freedom with some rebels called the Warbound and falls in love with Calera the Oldstrong.

The Red King is killed. The Hulk is hailed as Sakaar's saviour. Calera becomes pregnant. It seems the Hulk has finally found happiness, but the spacecraft that sent him to Sakaar develops a fault. Its engine explodes, killing Calera and most of Sakaar's population. The Hulk swears revenge on the four heroes. He and the Warbound head for Earth.

Amadeus Cho, a young genius whom the Hulk once saved, plans to aid the Hulk. Amadeus recruits Hercules and Angel to his cause, but they soon clash with the forces of SHIELD.

The Hulk returns to Earth, defeating and capturing Black Bolt on the way. He demands that New York be evacuated in preparation for his revenge. Iron Man does a massive suit of armour and confronts the Hulk, but is defeated in a savage battle. Earth's greatest superheroes are stunned by the Hulk's fury...

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