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Black Bolt goes head-to-head with Vulcan in a cosmic showdown – one that threatens the fabric of the entire universe! Have the Inhumans gone too far in their war with the Shi’ar?!

Also: The Mighty Avengers battle the Fantastic Four! Can Hank Pym outwit Mr Fantastic? Find out here!

Includes material reprinted from War of Kings #6 and Mighty Avengers #26-27.



The Inhumans take control of the Kree Empire. A wedding between Crystal and Ronan the Accuser is arranged. The insane Shi'ar emperor Vulcan sends his Imperial Guard to attack the wedding. The former Shi'ar empress Lilandra is kidnapped. The Kree and Shi'ar empires go to war.

Gladiator is torn between his loyalty to the empire and his love for Lilandra. He chooses Lilandra and rescues her from Vulcan, but she is killed by an assassion.

Black Bolt plans to end the war with the T-Bomb, a device that will transform the galaxy's entire population into Inhumans - but will also kill him. As the countdown begins, Vulcan attacks...


The Mighty Avengers’ HQ is positioned in a side dimension with numerous doors linking it to Earth. When Norman Osborn’s forces attempt to invade, Jocasta is forced to sever the link. The doors begin to fade.

The Wasp contacts Mr Fantastic for help. He is in possession of the Dimensional Wave Inducer, a device left to the Wasp by the Bill Foster. The DWI can save the Avengers’ base, but Mr Fantastic refuses to hand it over – he is worried that the Wasp is mentally unstable. The Wasp devises a plan to take the DWI from the Fantastic Four…

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