carnivalofsins00's The Mighty Thor #8 - The Mighty Tanarus: Part 1, Lost review

The Mighty Thor #3 Review

Fear Itself is over, The Serpent is gone, and So is Thor. Or is he?

This issue is the introduction to Tanarus, the new God of Thunder. When Thor died, Tanarus replaced him, and now everyone remembers him as the Avenger and son of Odin instead of Thor, except Loki of course.

I was on the fence after hearing about the concept, and this issue really didn't make me want to pick up the next issue and find out what will happen next. Obviously there would be a twist to who Tanarus really is, and we find something out in this issue. If that really is all that there is behind it, then it's sort if disappointing. My favorite part of the issue was the single page that Volstagg makes an appearance, I like Matt Fraction's humor.

This issue marks the return of Pasqual Ferry's to Thor, and while the book does look good for the most part, it didn't blow me away. I loved what he did in his previous Thor run and this seemed like a step down from that. However, there are certain pages that I really thought were exceptionally well drawn.

I'm still not on board with the new direction Fraction and Ferry have decided to take Thor. There's nothing that I hate about this book, and after all of my critiquing, it was an alright book, I just think I'll be sitting this one out.

Story: 3

Art: 3


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