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Who is Tanarus, and why is he the new God of Thunder?


The World Tree battle left the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor, with a gash in his side. A gash that not only tore a hole in his flesh, but in space and time as well. He bore this cosmic wound through many battles:

Against Galactus and the Silver Surfer, as they looked to feed on the World Tree and Asgard alike.

Against The Serpent, Odin's dark and forgotten brother as he ravaged the Earth.

Odin always knew it would take the death of his prized son Thor to elmimate The Serpent - and die he did. All nine Asgardian realms gathered around Thor's body as his pyre was lit. In that flame, Thor vanished into the wound that he once carried, into the rift in space and time. It didn't take long as a new God of Thunder replaced him, Tanarus - in both presence and memory.

As construction begins on New Asgard, only Loki remembers Thor. An almost infantile Loki, putting everything on the line to save his brother's life by making a bargain with the Three Witches in the desert.


This issue offers:

  • A glimpse of New Asgard
  • A brief history of who we know as Tanarus
  • The All-Mother's speech to the nine realms about the new home for both the Aesir and Vanir: Asgardia
  • An quick update on the Silver Surfer in Broxton, OK
  • Loki's dealings with the Three Witches
  • A twist and turn that will surprise Tanarus and Thor lovers alike
  • No Thor until the end, but the silver lining on the thunder cloud above appears to be: Thor must fight his way back to the living, taking on, Atum the God Eater:

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