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New era for Thor.Ulik is in the sweers and be loose by Thor progect his avange.Eric Masterson to attend to the finish trauma of Susan Oustin his manager he speak with his friend  and speak of the problem of Eric Masterson. In the steet Ulik atack the car of Code:Blue in the car ther are Mad dog and Jock Jackson.After L.t Stone is subssive because he atack Ulik because his hungry geave more stengh.
Rigger have an idea to put some eltric bomb for stop Ulik.The ultimate bomb his but by Jock and start expel the energy.But Thor atack Ulik and this the plane loose.Three days ago Ulik atack a big butcher and Code:Blue goig to stop Ulik.In this moment Thor going in a laundry dressed as normal people and put his new Thor clothes.Thor go to help Code:Blue and use his intlect for devise Ulik.After Jock Jackson put an handcuf at Ulik and bring in the police camion.Thor speak with L.tStone and they become frinds.

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