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The Doom Ring

I have enjoyed all of this series of Mighty Thor and will be sad to see it end. It has been written brilliantly by Matt Fraction and I only hope that Jason Aaron will do a good gob on the new Thor God of Thunder series (and a lot better job than he did on Incredible Hulk). I have also liked most of the art over the series and am happy to see it end with good art. Barry Kitson has done an amazing job on this issue and I would gladly buy something with his art in it again.

This issue sees Thor getting placed on the Doom Ring. Odin demands that he is exiled for tricking him himself out of his and when is accused of being compromised and bias he calls a advocate to prove Thor should be banished. He calls upon the Enchantress Amora to take his place. She then tells of all the terrible things Thor has caused to the nine realms whether he meant it or not saying if it wasn't for him none of the events would have happened.

This was a brilliant issue and a great way to end the series. I loved how it showed most of the events that have happened over this series and the previous Thor series. I also liked how when these were getting described they would be dulled down to a greyish tone whilst keeping great detail. I was also very happy to see not just another appearance of Odin in this issue but an appearance of Amora as well. I also liked how she had her fake Thor with her. I enjoyed how all the people involved in these events stepped forward trying to defend Thor whilst Amora kept pointing out that if it wasn't for Thor in the first place you wouldn't need saving. The only thing I was disappointed in was how there wasn't a proper appearance by Loki and although it makes sense him not being in it as he will be trying to keep out of Asgard's way (probably why he'll be joining Young Avengers) it would have been nice to have him in this issue and would have been interesting to see if he stuck up for Thor (I think he would have). I also liked the other cameos in this issue and was happy to see Bill make another appearance along with the return of Balder who has not been in the series for a long time. The cover on this issue was also beautiful and like the Captain America #19 and variant cover forThe Invincible Iron Man #527 covers from last week it has a nice collage in the background. I like how in the collage it shows most of the characters from the series from Galactus in the first story arc to Ulik (Taranus) who was impersonating Thor after the events of Fear Itself.

Final verdict. A brilliant and fitting way to end this amazing series of Thor and I really hope that the new series will be just as good. I would highly recommend both this issue and the entire series as it's been amazing and Fraction's run has been one of the best runs on Thor since J. Michael Straczynski's run.

Rating: 4.5/5

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