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The Silver Surfer Brings Bad News

If you loved the Thor movie, and have no clue where to start reading Thor's comics (let's face it, all that history can be a little bit intimidating) then The Mighty Thor is exactly what you have been looking for.

The Good

This series is incredibly easy to understand and is perfect for a new reader or anyone relatively unfamiliar with Thor's rich character history to just pick up and dive in. One thing Matt Fraction is really good at is catering to a new reader. Olivier Coipel does the pencils for this series, which are gorgeous, and if the story itself doesn't suck you into the vast Asgardian universe, then the art surely will. The story opens with Thor and Sif getting ready to train the Brigade of Realms- the warriors responsible for the protection of all nine worlds. During this time, Thor is struggling with a grave injury that has been holding him back. There is a big plot development in this issue with the introduction of a major character who is threatening the safety of Asgard. Without saying much more, the characterization of this particular character is on point.

I actually really like this issue. The art is breathtaking, so that definitely helps hold the readers' interest in the story, but the story is pretty well written. Fraction's pacing is great and it's just an all around fun issue. The threat to Thor and Asgard feels imminent, and that really helps me care about the characters and what could happen to them.

The Bad

I don't really feel like this is an essential story to read if you're reading Fear Itself. In fact, I think this story takes place immediately before the start of the Fear Itself story-line. It's a fun Thor story, and great for new readers, but if you're invested in the character in current continuity you may want to pass on this title.

The Verdict

Like I said, it's a great introductory title for new readers, but certainly not essential to your understanding of current Marvel continuity. Still, it's a decent story with incredible art and is a lot of fun to read.
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Posted by longbowhunter

Still on the fence with this title. Last month's issue felt a little more sci-fi and less fantasy. Just didnt have the Thor vibe I was looking for. Decided to sit this one out for now.
Edited by Luzhell

I'm not really convinced that "Mighty Thor" is a good comic, certainly is interesting from a stand alone point, but in the Marvel continuity it is certainly pointless. The writing is interesting, even if Loki and Thor are in a difficult moment in "Fear Itself" (written by the same author but unbelievable different in plot to this comic) and while I believe they were getting along better in Mighty Thor, Odin continues to be a manipulative and secretive bastand when he wants to (very hypocritical of him to punish Loki when I don't think he is that different).

I believe that my biggest point against Mighty Thor is how Fraction represents Loki. In Gillen's "Journey into mystery" Loki is a character of depth, in a good relationship with Thor, but still full of mischief and complicated plans of his own. In Fraction's work, is a good intentioned kid desperate to impress his older brother. I just like Gillen's work better.

When a definitive personality for Loki is decided (unless they just turn him back into and adult), I hope is Gillen's and not Fraction's at the end.

Posted by longbowhunter
I agree here. Journey Into Mystery is the book of choice. Not to mention its a whole dollar cheaper than Mighty Thor.
Posted by Iridium

Also agree with @Luzhell.  Not only does Fraction throw away 50 years of Thor history, or does not bother to try to learn it ... same difference, but he manages to disregard roughly 1000 years of Norse Mythology in the process.



Posted by CombatSpoon86

I'll definitely check this out in trade format, but I can do without this considering its a book on its own plus its a dollar more which makes a big difference in my pull list. I'll stick to Journey which I think is the best Thor book right now

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