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It’s a shining, golden, new age for the Thunder God and Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel are back to lead the charge! Thor and Sif dive deep into the heart of the fractured World Tree to reclaim an artifact from beyond time and space, an artifact that attracts the attention of the Silver Surfer. And when a herald such as he arrives on Earth, the arrival of his master is certain to follow. Prepare for the return of the World Eater…prepare for the return of Galactus! Fans can’t miss an all new behind the scenes look at the highly anticipated major motion picture with a sneak peek at some of the art!

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The Mighty Thor #1 Video Review by Peteparker 4/5 0

  SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in video!Spoilers...

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This Is A Better Start Than Fraction's... Uh... First Start. 0

With Thor's movie comes a relaunch of his title, but for all intents and purposes, this is really just the start of Matt Fraction's second story arc on Thor.Asgard versus Galactus is the title fight hyping this story arc, and Matt Fraction does a good job at setting up what will presumably be the macguffin that provokes this conflict. As ever, Fraction handles writing Thor and the other Asgardians very well, but he also portrays a very solid take on the Silver Surfer, which bodes well for this s...

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Too Many Things Going On 0

Fraction pitches a lot of concepts and stories simultaneously in this first issue, making that the strong and weakest feats of it at the same time - strong because it shows our heroes Thor, Sif and Loki (?) in a quest of the most importance, obeying orders from Odin, something previous to Fear Itself # 1, and it allows Oliver Coipel to deliver the awesome art that is his style: action and movement, though I definitely enjoy his square faces and his own style - in the other hand, the multiple fa...

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