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Endings and the future

This issue tied up plenty of loose ends and solved the whole Durian Civil War going on. Each character learned the truth about what was going on including 

Anyways this was an awesome series to read but a sad time nonetheless due to the crusaders seemingly disappearing back into obscurity. 
There are still plenty of tales and characters that DC has yet to cover which includes: 

 -Mr Justice, Appearing once in a back up feature of Hangman and was never mentioned again even though there was a whole set of character concepts for him made by DC 
-The person who gives the avatars their powers such as how the Jackal is now "Ol' Sparky"
-The other Avatars i.e The mad gasser and madame guillotine 
-Group Epsilon's secrets and the other conspiracies and events behind the box
-The OTHER metahuman members Comet was alongside when working with Haliday

-The Black Hood and Jaguar (Where were they during the early issues and mini series after their appearance)
- Global Concern. What plots do they have instore?
- Mind Emperor. What the heck happened to him?!
-Auctioneer. He should appear in more DC comics selling stuff to other villains!

So these things deserve to be touched upon again! So come on DC! More Crusader stories!

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