the_mighty_monarch's The Mighty Crusaders #3 - Infiltration review

Guess What? It's a 'Secret Invasion' Yeah...

The Good: General Latham pulls off that 'Badass cannot-be-tortured-for-information military man persona all too well. He's almost like an old Jack Bauer. Which is awesome. 
The team dynamic is somewhat not present, yet still seems really well done. They're all kind of there just because, and thus they don't have a lot of emotional baggage with each other and can work as a team much more efficiently, and not be constantly at each others throats for stupid reasons. When 2 or 3 people question Inferno about his chat with Latham, he doesn't get pissed about people constantly asking him and nobody gets too pushy. It's refreshing to see a team that doesn't function like a severely dysfunctional family.
We finally see where the Comet went after his absence last issue. 
Speaking of, Comet's dialogue with the Fox is an endless road of complete hilarity. 
Immediate gratification on the filming of Inferno burning the bodies. Nice to see it wasn't dragged behind us forever and popping up at the last second once you forget it. 
Fly-Girl being the only one to feel nausea from the teleporter was amusing. 
Finally, a scene where someone copies another person, and there's a legitimate reason why "Shoot both of us ISN'T definite proof that the one who said that is the real one.
FINALLY we get to see some more of that guy from The Web #5. I've been eagerly waiting to see what he'd end up doing. 
General Latham's "You played right into MY trap was a moment of sheer awesome. And his expression made it x10 better. Kudos to whichever artist drew that scene.

The Bad: Despite the awesome way it played out, the 'shapeshifter copying you so your friends don't shoot him" is such a tired out cliche it's annoying. Plus the fact that I've seen it at least 3 times already in the past 2 months doesn't help. 
It's starting to feel a bit like a Secret Invasion clone as my review title indicates. Granted, it's pretty geniusly distinguished apart by having 2 factions of shapeshifters hidden on earth secretly fighting EACH OTHER. Which is a really neat plot to me. Especially since, in our experiance, both factions are totally evil instead of the heroes having to team up with one group to defeat the clearly evil other. That said, it's hard to avoid some of the Secret Invasion style plot cliche trademarks. 
We really don't see much of the Crusaders themselves during this issue, which seems a bit odd. I just think we're overloaded with team members for a 6 issue miniseries, it's hard to give them each ample screen time.
In Conclusion: 4/5
Overall, it is a significant improvement over the last issue. #1 was an excellent start, but #2 was incredibly confusing and a bit boring, but this one was a lot more fun to read, and moved the story along really well. I feel like my reading of The Web significantly helps, but at the same time, missing The Shield wasn't so bad. This miniseries seems well set up to the point where background of The Web and The Shield aren't necessary to enjoy the comic or fully follow the plot, but they raise the enjoyment value as they help you catch all the various references. Like, that guy from The Web #5 (Who was more major than it seems by calling him 'that guy' I just forget his name), Kitkat, and The Global Concern. This issue left me with higher hope than before on seeing more Web in the future, which I seriously hope we'll get to see.

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