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Iron Man has been destroyed, the Sentry's wife is murdered, nuclear missiles are being launched around the world and the one man with the plan to stop the new and improved a God of War who's been an Avenger a total of five minutes. With a special appearance from founding Avenger Hank Pym/Ant-Man!

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Enjoyment blown by historical inaccuracy 0

I just read the issue and the only thing I took away from it is someone didn't do enough research about Pittsburgh. The Sentry is hit so hard that he's tossed all the way from NYC to Pittsburgh - clear across the state of Pennsylvania. He crashes through the Manchester Bridge. Except that the Manchester Bridge was demolished and removed from May 1970 to October of 1970... So does this imply that Mighty Avengers #5 is taking place before the bridge was gone (over 37 years ago), that the Sentry wa...

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Tired of the Thought Bubbles... 0

Who is with me on the thought bubbles? I mean if they were like important but they aren't...not even remotely...cmon Bendis you are a more quality writer.Ares shined here...instead of a brute he is using more tactics...I like him more after this issue...Pym comes off as an ass and Ultron as a true threat...The death of Sentry's wife sux...I feel bad for him and I know his fragile mind will deteriorate even more and he will be evil one day...Ultron deserves to be destroyed...again. Overall not a ...

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Mighty Avengers #5 0

May I say that while I have loved this series, this is not Bendis' best stuff. But considering all the books Bendis is working on and all the things he's planning, something has to lack a bit more than his other stuff.With that said, I really like this story. I've never read an Ultron story before, but I don't think that I could've found a better way to be introduced to Hank Pym's lil' metal bastard child. The way that the story takes place in such a short amount of time, yet covers so many base...

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