lj_prime's The Mighty Avengers #35 - Heir Apparent review

Ultron and his Brides

 I've been reading Dan Slott's b-list Avengers book on and off in the past but I jumped on this issue because of the Ultron cover. I love me some Ultron stories, no matter how overdone they are. So things aren't looking too good for the Mighty Avengers, as the team (Pym, Amadeus Cho, Quicksilver, Stature, Vision II, USAgent) disbanded following the death of Hercules. Hank Pym now finds himself on his own in the Infinite Mansion, where he turns down Captain America's call to arms (this is a Siege tie-in after all) in order to repair Jocasta. Pym is joined by agents of the hilariously-named G.R.A.M.P.A. organization when the Mansion is attacked by none other than "ULTRON AND HIS BRIDES". That's Ultron and an army of Jocasta robots, ten billion to be exact.

What I always liked about Slott's take on the Avengers is that despite the unimpressive lineup (compared to the New Avengers or the classic Avengers, that is), he always worked some massive, Avengers-sized ideas into his stories: evil Inhuman kings, Loki shenanigans, Hank Pym as the "Scientist Supreme". Tons of stuff! Slott keeps it up here with a widly entertaining Ultron story that takes a serious left turn into "Woah" territory in the last few pages when he reveals the real location of the Infinite Mansion.

The characterization is top notch throughout, as Slott takes time to visit every member of the team even though they're not caught up in the Ultron crisis. I also quite enjoyed the G.R.A.M.P.A. agents making fun of Pym's absurd relationship with Jocasta.

Fun fun fun comic with lots of big ideas and effective character interactions.


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