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Ultron and his Brides 0

 I've been reading Dan Slott's b-list Avengers book on and off in the past but I jumped on this issue because of the Ultron cover. I love me some Ultron stories, no matter how overdone they are. So things aren't looking too good for the Mighty Avengers, as the team (Pym, Amadeus Cho, Quicksilver, Stature, Vision II, USAgent) disbanded following the death of Hercules. Hank Pym now finds himself on his own in the Infinite Mansion, where he turns down Captain America's call to arms (this is a Siege...

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"That is where he is a GOD!" 0

What you need to know: The Mighty Avengers have disbanded after Hank Pym asked Loki to join the team. All of this is happening while Ultron returns. Dan Slott has really surprassed expectations with his run (I was one of those who thought of them as C-Listers) and looks to end the book on a strong note as we head to The Heroic Age.The Good:- I would read a Dan Slott-penned Hank Pym book. He really gets the character. Slott actually handles all the characters well in the book, but Pym has been th...

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So THAT'S why she's called Jocasta? 0

For those of you unfamiliar with the play Oedipus Rex, it's about a man who kills his father and then marries his mother (accidentally, mind you). The mother's name is Jocasta, which is also the name of the robot Hank Pym built that's modeled after his ex-wife Wasp, who he also happens to have a thing for. Futurama jokes aside, the robot-human relationship thing always seemed a bit odd to me, especially since the robot in question is named Jocasta. I've always wondered exactly why Pym ch...

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