g_man's The Mighty Avengers #34 - Pre-Siege Mentality review

Is The End Fast Approaching?

Despite Dan Slott's great writing, this team seems destined for failure. Where will the Mighty Avengers fit in once the Heroic Age begins?

The Good:

Dan Slott. He's made me actually have a little respect for Hank Pym. That can't be an easy thing to do. Regardless of what you think of him or his skills, he manages to put Loki in his place. Bravo. But things may not be as they seem with Hank. 

The Bad:

There's something about these members together that just doesn't sit well with me. They don't really feel like an Avengers team. Perhaps that's how it's meant to be as even they come down on themselves. The future of this team doesn't look too good. Especially when see who the guest villain will be next issue (not one of my favorites either).

The Verdict:

It's been an interesting ride. I'm not sure what Hank Pym is up to but Slott has me curious to see what will happen next. The fight in this issue almost felt too rushed. This isn't your typical team of Avengers as they still don't feel like they've fully bonded as a whole. I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised that a Mighty Avengers title hasn't been announce for when the Heroic Age begins.
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