themaskedhero's The Mighty Avengers #20 - Epilogue review

A point in Avengers history not to be missed

How I got away without touching on this issue when it came out a few months back is beyond me. This has to be one of the better overall issues of Avengers I've read recently. If not simply for the cover, which is awesome. 

The reintroduction of Pym back into the Marvel Universe is jarring. The fact that he has to answer for all the sins that his Skrull counter-parts did in the time since the public reveal of the New Avengers. Bringing him back into a world without the woman he's loved for a good chunk of his life and where his old friends are either dead or outlaws. Wonderful.
My favorite part was really when Henry was learning all the stuff that the reader really already knows. Civil War, House of M, the Death of Steve. The art was wonderful and told the story without any real words. The follow-up for best part was when Tony was being asked "Who will be next?" it's the perfect question, being that everyone around the man took all the major hits and he was just the boss of everyone. 
I think this is an issue that should be picked up, it's really the bookend to an era. 

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