shieldagent026's The Mighty Avengers #20 - Epilogue review

Mighty Avengers #20

Every week when you pick up comics you come across those issues that you tear through and when your done it really dosn't seem like 32 pages. For Mighty Avengers #20 that was the issue this week . this issue is filled with a couple of moments that you won't forget (Hank Pym's public verbal trashing that he gave Tony Stark). in this issue we find Hank Pym not only dealing with the death of Janet but all that has gone on since he was held captive by the Skrulls. This was a great read for any one who is a fan of the Avengers both New and Old, and even fans of Hank and Janet.
    The art and the colors perfectly set the tone for the story,and most of the heroes were well written as well. all thses factors just added to this issue. so if your looking for a good read this week i would suggest picking this title up for your self you will not be disappointed at all.

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