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ELEKTRA IS A SKRULL!! Words that have echoed through Marvel Comics for the last two years. But how did this happen and for how long has this been true? THE ANSWER IS HERE! Hint! She went down swinging. Plus the answer to the biggest question in modern Avengers history...

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Mighty Avengers 16 0

I have to say that the Elektra take down was definitely a story I was waiting to read.  However, I have to say that I was on balance quite disappointed in this issue.  It's not a complete disaster, by any means, but it's underwhelming.  There are nice moments when the real Elektra battles Skrull versions of herself, Daredevil and Wolverine (very appropriate picks for the character) and the cover is a nice homage to a famous Frank Miller DD.  Once again, though, I didn't really feel that Pham's a...

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2 stars? come on people. 0

Wow, I am surpise at the 2 stars rating that's below average! I happen to like the story, how else was Elecktra was going to get taken then none then a skrull with superpowers or shall I saw sump up superpowers way advance for her. Elecktra is more of a natural scrapper, yes she does have a few superpowers that are derived from her martial arts training.This issue connects to New Avengers #1 and New Avengers #42....

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Mostly Wordless 0

 This issue tells the story of how The Skrulls took Elektra out, and then took her over. I say that seperately, because Elektra did not go quietly.  On the other hand, this is a mostly wordless issue, where we are shown Elektra cutting a huge swath through quite a few Skrulls, shaped as Daredevil, Wolverine, and then herself.  Through the issue she dispatches so many Skrulls I began to think how dangerous can an invasion by them be?  If a Skrull can be knocked off this easy, the rest of the supe...

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