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Mighty Avengers 15

The writer should have done his research. Hank and Jan has never re-married after the slap incident. They have reconcialed a couple of times and that is it. Now for not doing his resaerch or even the editor, a million of new readers are mis-informed. What a shame....I do however like the whole Secret Invasion idea and story thus far. Hank character is a little too sob for my liking. I enjoyed him best in before the whole slap incident. He seams to unsure about anything now a days. Don't get me started about how Jan 's character is. I mean can Bendis make her anymore slutish. Since he took over, how many guys has she been with. Just my opinion, but Bendis has ruined the Avengers, and now because of the Secret Invasion saga the whole Marvel Universe.


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    Unlike the issues that precede and succeed this, MA 15 has a really rewarding, well written background story involving Hank Pym.  And a large part of the success is down to the visual storytelling of John Romita Jnr, an artist that I'm not always that keen on, but who is outstanding in this issue.  On the first pages, we have a couple of panels with dialogue free art whilst Hank and the young blonde student hanging on his every word exchange knowing glances.  A couple of pages later, there's ano...

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    Another solid SI tie-in provides us with another interesting piece of the invasion jigsaw puzzle. Hank Pym was always going to be an easy target for the Skrulls. Their infiltration of his life is a walk in the park and makes sense despite their own momentary reservations about his usefulness. The basic strength of this issue is the clever and entertaining dialogue between Pym and the Skrull assigned to take him down. Like an arrogant jerk, Pym falls into a honey trap and doesn't see his downfall...

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