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Mighty Avengers 12

Now this is an interesting change of pace.  Whenever Mighty Avengers was originally solicited, it seemed to be advertised as the kind of comic Avengers used to be before Bendis starting writing New Avengers.  And certainly, the general chaos and non-stop fighting of the first 11 issues seemed to confirm that.  And all that was fine.  But here Bendis strips things back to write the unseen tale of what Nick Fury has been up to.  The change is very noticeable, so much so that it feels like a different book entirely, more like it should be a mini-series rather than Mighty Avengers.  However, it's also very good.

Fury is in top espionage mode here, hiding in shadows, or more accurately, turning himself invisible.  Alex Maleev's art is wonderful, particularly the double splash page at the end - very intriguing.  I couldn't help wondering, though, what with two of the main female characters in the book running around in their smalls, whether Bendis thought that Frank Cho would be back on the title at this stage ( Maria Hill wears skimpy vests to bed, for those who are interested). 

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