sunburst's The Mighty Avengers #12 - [untitled] review

Slow burner (mild spoilers)

Looking for action? Then better give this one a miss. Try Hulk or Hercules instead. But if intrigue and mystery are your thing, then this comic delivers in spades. It's also a vital part of a larger canvas being painted by Bendis. If you want to know what Nick Fury did following Secret War and how his temporary disppearance ties into the current Skrull invasion, then this book tells that story. There's a lovely Jason Bourne/James Bond vibe going on here, helped by Alex Maleev's dark moody art and the wonderful muted colours of Matt Hollingsworth (I particularly love his use of sunburnt orange here). A perfect match with Bendis' spy-novel tone. For a long-time reader like myself, this is a very welcome touch. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby revamped WWII-veteran Nick Fury as a secret agent in Strange Tales #135 on the back of James Bond's popularity in the 60s, and Jim Steranko cranked up the Bond element to an all-time high with his subsequent stellar run. Thus Bendis nods reverently to Nick Fury's secret agent legacy while putting his own inimitable stamp on the proceedings. The stand-out moment for me is a wonderful and witty exchange between Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Fantastic dialogue bringing out the full and distinct flavours of each character. There's also a wonderful double-page splash at the end with photographs of Marvel heroes' faces, some ringed in blue and some in red. What that means is unclear. What it does is stoke the reader's desire to witness the storm ahead. I loved this issue, but it's clear that it's going to polarise the readership. Reviews across various comic sites confirm this. It's a love it or loathe it thing. Me? I'm lovin' it.


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    Nick Fury has been missing all through the Civil War, now we know why. Here is another tie in that I would have to say is a necessary book. I guess maybe the Avengers is the book to look out for in this company cross over. This is just a abolutely intriguing book. Especially knowing the big reveal at the end of "New Avengers". It isn't the most action packed book out there, but it is one heck of a cool story. Once again, this is proving to be one very cool crossover. Now if the changes made wil...

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    Mighty Avengers 12 0

    Now this is an interesting change of pace.  Whenever Mighty Avengers was originally solicited, it seemed to be advertised as the kind of comic Avengers used to be before Bendis starting writing New Avengers.  And certainly, the general chaos and non-stop fighting of the first 11 issues seemed to confirm that.  And all that was fine.  But here Bendis strips things back to write the unseen tale of what Nick Fury has been up to.  The change is very noticeable, so much so that it feels like a differ...

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